Preparing your Home for Holiday Guests

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  • The holidays are fast approaching and your friends and family may be coming to stay at your home. There is no need to stress when it comes to making your home guest friendly. We at 1st Choice Storage in Gulfport can help you in getting your home in tip top shape with one of our self-storage units. We have also provided some suggestions on how to make your home guest ready for the holiday season below.
  • Make it Comfortable
  • The best way to make your guests feel at ease when they are visiting for the holidays is to make your home one they want to be in. Of course you will need to take the time to clean and tidy up, but don’t make it feel like they can’t take off their shoes and relax. Magazines on the coffee table or snacks on the kitchen counter can be an easy way to say welcome home.
  • Stock Up
  • More people in your home means you will be going through the everyday essentials a lot quicker. Make sure you stock up on all the necessary bathroom and kitchen supplies. Have extra towels and toiletries out and easy to find for your guests. Stock up on extra snack food and beverages to make sure no one goes hungry during their stay.
  • Allow for Relaxation
  • Just because you are having people stay over, doesn’t mean you need to plan every minute of every day for them. In fact, you should allow some down time for your guests to relax. Give them their own space to escape to so they can recharge for the next social gathering.
  • Get them Involved during Meals
  • The best way to make your guests feel at home is by having them help you during the big holiday feasts. Not only will it create less stress for you, but it will make your guests feel more welcome in your home. Have them set the table, create a dish, or even do the dishes. This brings everyone closer together during the holidays.
  • The best way to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere this holiday season is by letting your family and friends into your home. Share the holiday joy and make your home a place they want to stay with the tips listed above. If you seem to be lacking the necessary space to house your guests this holiday season, consider a self-storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Gulfport. We can store the items that are taking up the space in your extra bedroom for as little or long as you need. Call us today to learn about the units that are available. 
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