Organization Resolutions for the New Year

  • The New Year is finally upon us and it is the perfect time to get our home organized and in working order for the rest of the year. We at 1st Choice Storage in Miami love to help you in all of your organization needs by providing you with a storage unit for the items you just don’t have space for. To help you kick start your organization resolutions we have provided some steps for you to try throughout the process.
  • Downsize
  • The best and easiest way to get your home organized and have it stay that way is by downsizing the amount of items you are keeping in your home. Take it room by room and sort through all of your closets, dressers, cupboards, and drawers. Designate piles of items you are going to keep, donate, toss, or place in a storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Miami. You will soon realize that you don’t need all of the items you have been holding onto for years.
  • Label as you go
  • The best way to stay organized is by finding a place for everything that you have decided to keep after downsizing. Label your items new home so you know exactly where it goes after each time you use it. While you are at it, you will want to make sure you are properly labeling the boxes you are placing in storage as well. You never know when you might need to go back and retrieve a particular item.
  • Give it a Deep Clean
  • As you finish decluttering each room you can give it the deep cleaning it desperately needs. After opening up all of the new closet or floor space from downsizing you will begin to notice unsightly dust and dirt. Starting off the New Year with a clean space is the best way to stay motivated in tidying up each day.
  • Keep it Simple
  • Now that you have gone through the process of downsizing, labeling, and cleaning your home you don’t want to ruin all the progress by accumulating more items and complicating your organizational system. You can save money, time, and effort by buying just what you need. Try and keep your resolution intact throughout the whole year.
  • Starting the year off with a clean and organized home will help you to accomplish more for the months to come. For the storage space you need for the items you just can’t seem to part with, you can trust 1st Choice Storage in Miami to find you a storage unit at the right size and price. Stop by our facility today to learn more about our units and the services we have to offer. 
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