How to Properly Organize your Basement

  • Basements are great when it comes to giving you the extra space you need in your home. What isn’t so great is when you extra household items take over your basement and turn it into a storage unit rather than a usable space. To get your basement back in working order, we at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland can provide you with the storage unit you need. We have also gathered some steps for you to try when you finally decide to conquer the clutter in your basement.
  • Sort Out your Items
  • Before you can have your basement transformed into the space you have always wanted, you will need to empty out its contents and sort through all of the items you have been storing. Creating piles of items that you will keep, toss, donate, or store. Be picky when it comes to the things you are thinking about keeping. For your sentimental items you just can’t seem to part with but don’t have the space for, you can trust 1st Choice Storage in Waveland to keep them safe and secure
  • Create Organized Areas
  • Before you start putting everything back into your basement in an organized manner, you will need to create organized areas. Each area should have a function and/or have similar items being stored together. For example, if you are using your basement primarily for storage you will want to keep all of your camping gear in one area, tools in another, and kitchen accessories in an area that is easy to reach. If you are creating a play room and office space you can use room dividers to separate the areas.
  • Contain the Clutter
  • To achieve ultimate organization you will want to invest in containers for the majority of your items. Not only will these containers keep everything together, it will also protect them from unexpected spills, dust, and dirt. Plastic bins with sealable lids are the best for storing the majority of your items. Remember to label and place your bins in an organized fashion. Buying and installing shelving is a great way to keep your bins organized and off of the floor.
  • Now that you have your basement free of all the clutter you can begin to transform the space. It is now up to you and your creativity to create the space you and your family have been needing. We at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland are more than happy to help you throughout the process by providing you with an affordable storage unit. Call us today to learn more about the current units we have available. 
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