Budget Friendly Home Storage Solutions

  • Has the mess in your home gotten out of control lately? This could be due to the fact that you just don’t have workable storage solutions in your home. By storing what you just don’t use anymore in a storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Miami and taking advantage of the tips listed below, you can get your home clean and organized in a way that works for you.
  • Soda Tabs to Create Cascading Hangers
  • Rather than spending an extra $20 or $30 dollars on specially made cascading hangers you can create your own by using soda tabs off of soda cans. Attaching a soda tab to a hanger is the cheapest and easiest way to create your own cascading hangers. By creating these hangers you can open up space in your closet that wasn’t available to you before.
  • Use your Shoeboxes
  • Rather than buying shoe bins or shoe closet organizers, you can use the original shoe box your shoes come in when you purchase them. There are ways to spruce up those existing shoe boxes so your closet doesn’t start looking like a shoe store. By taking fabric, paint, or scrapbook paper, you can recover your shoe boxes with a design that fits your existing décor. If you want to get really organized, take pictures of your shoes and print them to place on your shoe box as labels.
  • Reusing Empty Glass Jars
  • When you are trying to organize your kitchen you might be tempted to go and buy plastic containers to store pasta, herbs, beans, etc. in. These bins can easily be replaced with the empty glass jars you can get from eating jams, jellies, and pasta sauces. These jars are just as nice as the plastic ones you can buy at the store and can easily be cleaned.
  • Scrap Wood
  • Rather than buying various types of plastic containers you can easily create your own with any scrap wood you have around your house. If wood is a material you prefer not to work with, cardboard can easily be substituted. This way you can create storage containers that are specific to your needs. These often work best when you are needing to organize your drawers in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • For more home storage tips and tricks make sure you visit our 1st Choice Storage in Miami website for updated blogs each month. 
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