Cost Effective Ways to Winter Proof your Home

  • The winter months are well upon us and now is the time to prepare our home for the colder weather. Winter proofing your home has proven to help you in saving on heating and energy costs as well as your home maintenance. To help you further in winter proofing your home you can rely on 1st Choice Storage in Miami to give you the storage space you need and the tips to help you in the winter proofing process.
  • Install Door Sweeps
  • Door sweeps are an easy and very cost effective way from letting cold air into your home. A sweep is a flexible piece of rubber or plastic that’s held to the door’s lower edge by a strip of aluminum. This will keep the cold air from coming in underneath the exterior doors.
  • Seal your Attic
  • As most know, warm air rises, and it could be rises and leaving your home through leaks in your attic. To really keep the heat in you will have to do some dirty work and find the leaks in your attic. You can do this by pulling back the insulation and sealing up any cut-outs that were put there for electrical purposes. Also check wiring, chimneys, flues, vent stacks and ducts, and seal them on the inside. Use caulk to fill smaller gaps and pressurized expanding foam for bigger openings.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat
  • Having a thermostat that you can program at a certain temperature will help you in keeping you home warm and regulating the temperature. The thermostat can save fuel by automatically lowering (or raising) your home’s temperature while you’re away. So you never have to come home to a cold house or waste a lot of fuel or energy.
  • All of the tips listed above are easy and cost effective ways to make sure your home stays warm and protected from the cold winter weather. To help you with the maintenance of your home you can trust 1st Choice Storage in Miami to give you the storage space you need. Call us today for more information regarding our facility. 
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