Tips for Moving in the Winter

  • Moving is often hard and stressful. Add in the unpredictability of winter and you have a lot more to worry about. To help you out in this stressful time you can easily rent a self-storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Gulfport. We have also provided you with some tips to help your move this winter a little easier.
  • Start Early in the Day
  • With the time change your hours of daylight are limited. You will find yourself moving in the dark if you start too late in the day. Waking up early and getting as much done as you can in the early hours of the day will be the most beneficial. Temperatures won’t be as low and you won’t have to worry about navigating large boxes or furniture in the dark.
  • Clear away Snow and Ice
  • For everyone’s safety you will want to make sure your walkways are clear of snow and ice on moving day. Nothing is worse that slipping on ice while carrying heavy furniture. You could end up in the hospital rather than enjoying your new home. Enlist in the help of some Salt to melt away the ice and plenty of snow shovels.
  • Watch the Weather
  • While it is hard enough moving in the cold winter months, you need to try and plan your moving day around the weather. You don’t want to try moving when a blizzard is taking over your town. You may need to be flexible about changing your plans if there is particularly bad weather coming your way; in particularly bad weather, it could be dangerous to continue your move as planned.
  • Protect your Home
  • Moving requires you to make a lot of trips in and out of the house. This means you could be tracking in unwanted water, ice, snow, and mud. Consider investing in carpet remnants to throw down in a path through each house. If you have extra cardboard boxes lying around, you can also bust them open and lay them flat on the floor. This will help keep some of the melted mess under control and will provide some traction for you, your family and your moving crew. 
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