How to Organize your Home after the Holidays

  • The holidays have finally come and gone, and now you given the opportunity to get back into your normal, everyday life routine. However, the holidays do have a tendency to make your once clean and organized home a cluttered mess. The accumulation of decorations and gifts have turned your house into a storage unit rather than a home. That is where 1st Choice Storage in Gautier can help. We can provide you with a variety of sizes and storage unit options for the stuff you just can’t seem to find a place for in your home. We have also provided you with some tips on how to organize your home after this hectic holiday season.
  • Make a List
  • Looking around your home and seeing everything that needs to be cleaned and organized can be daunting. Instead of trying to focus on everything all at once, make a list. This will help you to focus on one task at a time and see the progression of your hard work. You also have the opportunity to delegate tasks to fellow family members now that you have a written plan of action.
  • Sort then Store
  • When it comes to holiday decorations it seems easy just to take them down as fast as possible, throw them in a bin, and worry about it next year. To prevent a decorating disaster next year you should be sorting through your items before storing them. You may find that you have a lot of broken or outdated decorations that you don’t even use.
  • The “Get One, Give Two” Rule
  • If you find yourself running out of storage space in your home due to the accumulation of gifts each year you should implement the “get one, give two” rule. Every time you receive one gift, consider donating two items you own. For instance, if your kids get new a new pair of pajamas or a toy, look for two that they have outgrown for donation. If you receive a kitchen gadget, go through your drawers and donate two that you have not used for a while.
  • Implementing the tips above can get you on the right path of getting your home organized after the holidays. There is no better feeling than having your house back in order for the rest of the year and the holidays to come. For the storage space you need for those holiday decorations or sentimental items you can trust 1st Choice Storage in Gautier to provide you with what you need. Call us today to learn more.
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