Under Utilized Storage Space in your Home

  • Trying to fit everything you need on a daily basis within your home can be difficult. Especially if you are like those who want their home to look like a showroom rather than a lived in house. This is the time you need to utilize all the available storage space you have. A storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland can help you in getting the items you don’t need every day out of the way, making room for the stuff you do need. We have gathered some under-utilized storage space in your home to be on the lookout for the next time you decide to reorganize.
  • Adding Shelving above Doors
  • Try a floating shelf above your door trim above any door in your home, to put books, decorative storage boxes, or anything else you need to. You can buy a ready-made shelf from your local hardware store or create your own. This space is not often thought of or utilized. It is a great way to find a place for those little items you just can’t seem to find the space for.
  • Behind your Couch
  • A sofa moved at least 18” from the wall allows for a console table to be placed behind it with storage both atop and underneath the table. Or, you can skip the table and stack boxes behind your sofa that can store clothes, office supplies, paperwork, books, etc. Having your couch moved at least a foot away from the wall gives your living room the feeling of comfort it has been lacking.
  • Under your Bed
  • While you might have already thought of this storage solutions you may not be using it to its full potential. Try hiding slim, plastic storage boxes that can be used to store scarves, hats, bags, and anything else that you may need to store away for a while. You can also use the space under your bed to hide your extra blankets and other linens.
  • The Linen Closet
  • Just because it is called the linen closet doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this space for other items. Go through your linens and keep only what you use the most. Place everything else in a storage unit at 1st Choice storage in Waveland for safe keeping. Keep it organized with totes and bins to contain the clutter.
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