How to get your home Summer Ready

  • Summer is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to prepare your home for all of your summer guests and activities. If your home has accumulated a lot of items over the winter months you will want to make use of your storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Miami. Listed below are some tips to help you get your home summer ready.
  • Update your Décor
  • A great way to show a transition between seasons is by updating your décor. Swap out those dull greys and blacks for a pop of color in all of your accessories. Extinguish anything that evokes heat such as fire logs, heavy rugs and draperies, heaters, and thick blankets. Replace candles with vases for fresh cut flowers and trade in your winter mats with lightweight white ones.
  • Clean Out your Fridge
  • Warm summer months requite cool summer treats. Get your fridge ready to hold yummy popsicles and slices of fresh fruit by going through and throwing out what is expired or won’t be eaten in the near future. Get rid of anything that has been in your freezer for over a year.
  • Create Airflow
  • Nothing is better than having a cool summer breeze waft throughout your home. Create some airflow in your home by turning your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise (the blades are tilted upward as they spin) to push air downward and create a stronger draft. Replace your air conditioner’s filter or have your central air professionally looked at. Now you can enjoy the comfort of a cool home while the temps steadily rise outside.
  • Freshen up your Windows
  • Now is the time to throw back those curtains and enjoy what these warm summer months have to offer. Thoroughly wash your windows – inside and out. You’ll need a cloth or brush to tackle some of the larger outdoor debris, an equal parts water-vinegar solution and a squeegee, and do away with winter drapes. Clean and store those thick, heavy, double-layered draperies and replace them with thin sheers in light, airy colors that embrace the summer sun.
  • Now you can enjoy the summer months inside your home as much as you do outside. For all those extra items in your home that you just don’t need this summer you can trust 1st Choice Storage in Miami to give you the storage unit you need. Give us a call today to learn more about our facility.
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