• The weather is starting to cool down and now is the ideal time to take care of some major garage organization before it gets too chilly out. 1st Choice Storage even provides storage units in Gulfport for residents who just don’t have enough room for everything they’ve been storing in their garage. Once you free up some room, here are some other tips that will help make organizing your garage a breeze.
  • Mount Your Tool Boxes

    Tool boxes are big and they take up a lot of valuable space. Why not have your tool box mounted to a wall to free up some of that precious room on the floor? You can also mount several smaller toolboxes higher up to make room for a tool bench or other chairs and furniture in your garage.
  • Use an Overhead Rack

    If your garage has ceiling space, put it to use. You can have an overhead rack installed up above and still have plenty of room for your vehicles. Once the rack is installed you can use it to store all kinds of equipment. Longer items such as kayaks, ladders, snowboards, and the like all take up a lot of room but are perfect for storing up above.
  • Spice Containers For Nails

    Did you know that spice containers are the perfect containers for things like nuts, bolts, and nails? Buy a set of spice containers, label them and then put all of your small pieces in them. You can even find spice containers that you can mount up on a wall which makes finding those smaller pieces even easier.
  • Trace Your Tools

    Losing tools can be entirely too easy. Keep track of them by hanging them up on a wall and tracing outlines of each tool. This way, you’ll have no trouble seeing what’s missing when you go to grab a tool. This also makes storing your tools easier because you’ll have a dedicated spot for each item.
  • Labeled Bins

    Have lots of odds and ends in your garage that seem to never have a place? Why not purchase some bins and label them for these belongings? For example: if you have lots of toys in your garage, store them and label them by type. You can have a bin for all of your balls, a bin summer toys, and so on. If you have lots of seasonal items, consider storing them in storage units in Gulfport for the time being.
  • We hope these tips help you organize your garage this fall, If you have any storage questions or need a storage unit for fall, please give us a call! 


  • When it comes to placing tools in a storage unit or even in a garage there are some things you need to do to prepare them. We at 1st Choice Storage want to make sure the quality of your items stays intact during their stay at our facility. Listed below are some suggestions for tool preparation and storage.
  • Hand Tools
  • Freezing temperatures can make many metal or plastic parts brittle and particularly susceptible to breakage if you use them at very cold temperatures. To avoid this, get into the habit of taking hand tools out of the cold before use; let them sit inside the house for an hour or more. Keep in mind that metal tools can rust if left out. Make sure you have them stored in a place that moisture from the air can’t get to the tools.
  • Power Tools
  • Any kind of power tools should be cared for throughout the cold winter months. Keeping them away from moisture is key. Have them elevated off of the storage unit floor to reduce the risk of damage. Make sure you allow your power tools to adjust to a warmer temperature before using. Using your power tools when they are still cold could cause extensive damage. Make sure your power tools are properly lubricated according to their user manual.
  • Gas Powered Tools
  • You need to take special care of your tools that are gas powered such as your lawn mower and chainsaw. If not properly winterized, gasoline left in an engine can gum up the carburetor or other parts, unlubricated engine parts can corrode, and moisture may affect the ignition system. A standard winterizing procedure includes:
  • •Drain the gasoline (or add a gasoline stabilizer). Gas that stands in the tank for more than one month can form a layer of varnish on the inside of the fuel components, and draining the gas reduces this problem. Or, you can add a can of gasoline stabilizer to the tank.
  • •Change the oil on 4-stroke engines. This will keep dirt and other particles in the oil from sticking to parts of the engine.
  • •Seal the fuel cap. Engines emit small amounts of fumes even when they aren't running. Cover a vented fuel cap with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent evaporation.
  • Taking the necessary steps to protect your tools during their stay in storage will insure that they have a long life and work for you every time you need them most. Call us at 1st Choice Storage in Gulfport today to learn more about the storage units we have available.
  •      Many of our Mississippi Gulf Coast locations are kicking the New Year off with great deals! Right now is also a smart time to rent a climate control storage unit, this cold weather will not last long down here. During the Summer time many of our locations run out of climate control units. While this weather is nice and cool it’s time to clean out the garage so your car can actually fit in it again. Make the storage room back into a spare bedroom, declutter your home. Believe me, no one wants to try this during the middle of a hot South Mississippi Summer! Call your local 1st Choice Storage and ask for the move in special today!
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