• Tis the season to dig out all those winter clothes from storage and attempt to find and organize them in your home. When switching out your summer wardrobe to your winter wardrobe we at 1st Choice Storage in Mont Belvieu, TX can provide you with the perfect storage units to keep your attire in pristine condition as the seasons change. We have also provided you with some organization tips to keep your large winter attire up and out of the way during the holidays.
    • Empty, Sort, and Organize
    • Winter coats often take up a lot of space. Before bringing out your winter wardrobe, take the time to empty out a closet completely to make room for all of your winter clothing necessities. You will be surprised at just how much stuff you had managed to pack into your closet. Determine what items you currently store in your closet can be relocated to another place in your home or even placed in storage.  If closet space is available start sorting your winter attire. Take out what you know you will use most often and put them where they can easily be accessed. It is also smart to be picky in deciding what winter attire you will be using this season. Most people purchase a large of amount of clothing they don’t actually wear. You can either store your excess clothing or donate them to those who are in need.
    • Maximize Your Space
    • By purchasing a coat rack or coat hooks you can maximize the space you have in your home. Often times the space behind entry doors or hallways is left empty. You can easily utilize this space and create an organized storage space for all of your winter accessories. Hanging your coats can allow them to dry out during the wet winter months without ruining your clothing or the rest of the house.
    • Maximize Closet Storage
    • Often times closets can have a lot more storage potential than is currently present. If your closet has high ceilings you can install shelving and additional closet racks. A closet rack installed at a lower height is perfect for children’s coats and sweaters.
    • The key to maintaining winter storage is to stay organized. Rather than throwing winter attire on the floor by your front door, take the time to hang up your belongings and store what you aren’t using. 1st Choice Storage in Mont Belvieu, TX will help you in your winter organization process. Please call us today so we can help you find the perfect storage unit to suit you storage needs. 

  • Movers are sometimes necessary for some of the larger moves when youre a busy person. However, what if youre moving a smaller apartment or house? Do you need someone that is able to provide these services? Would you be better off doing them yourself? There are many considerations to make regarding movers and whether or not you should hire them. Before you get worked up, ask yourself some questions and sit down and consider all of the options and benefits that come from hiring movers to move your items from your old home and into the self storage unit that you choose.
  • Should You or Should You Not Hire Movers?
  • That is the question. It is a question you have probably asked yourself time and time again, with almost every move. However, in truth, they can save you time and this time can be valuable, but how valuable is it to you? Paying for movers is not a cheap thing to do. They cost a lot of money, and they can be a bit difficult to work with sometimes. This, however, is up to your moving budget, and whether or not it is something youre willing to take on.
  • Movers do come with benefits when you hire them. You can allow them to take all of the boxes and put them in their truck. No truck rental is needed on your behalf. You then give them the address of the storage unit that youre going to be using, and you can meet them there. The items can then be neatly sorted and stacked into the unit. You can watch, without having to lift a finger if you choose. This is the number one reason why so many people choose to hire movers. Not having to do back breaking labor is a definite plus during any move.
  • Movers however, are not all rated the same. It is essential that you do your research on which company to hire first and foremost. From there, you should speak with them and set up a time to meet. Feel confident and comfortable with who you hire should you find that time is more valuable, and that you do have a larger moving budget to use.

1st Choice Storage provides the user with everything and anything that they need to make the most of the unit given. Through the use of the unit, youre able to easily show the movers where to place the items and have them neatly stacked until they need to be brought to the new place.

  • Cleaning out your closet is not a fun activity. In fact, it’s one that the vast majority of us tend to avoid as long as possible. This ensures that by the time we do force ourselves to the task, the closet will be nearly overrun with clothing and accessories. And while throwing out (or giving away) the things that you’ve spent your hard earned money on is not necessarily a pleasant prospect, the truth is that most of us have too much stuff in our closets. At 1st Choice Storage, we want to help you clean out your closet and stay organized! That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to cleaning out your closet.
  • Be Ruthless
  • Don’t waffle! If you hesitate when cleaning out your closet, you will get nowhere. To begin, start by creating four separate piles. You should have a pile each for the things you love and definitely want to keep, the things you’re not sure if you really want to hold on to, the things you’re going to donate, and things you’re going to toss. It’s highly likely that the first two piles will be the largest by far – at least at first.

  • Take a Few Rounds
  • Go over your clothing several times. The first round, be as ruthless as possible! If you don’t immediately love it, then it goes into another pile. Being honest with yourself the first time around will help to greatly diminish the frustration of the later rounds – but, if you’re like most of us, you’ll find it pretty difficult to willingly toss all of you clothes into the “donate” or “throw away” piles so quickly. That’s where later rounds come in.
  • Go through the “love it” and the “maybe” piles several times! Think about whether or not you’ve worn something and how likely you are to do so in the future. This should dictate whether or not you keep an item. It’s a good idea to take a break at some point and completely disengage, and then come back with a fresh mind and new outlook. Go through those two piles again, and transfer clothing accordingly.
  • Don’t Go From “Love” to “Maybe”
  • If you don’t love an item by the time you go over everything a few times, don’t move it down to “maybe”! If you don’t love it enough to keep in in the love pile, then you don’t love it enough to keep it, period.


22 Dec

Bike Storage

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  • During the winter months you will notice your pedal bike has been quite stationary for some time. Instead of having it take up space in your home or garage, you can easily store it in a secure Self Storage Unit at 1st Choice Storage in Detroit. We have provided you with a checklist below to help you prepare your bike for storage during these cold winter months. 
  • Check your Tires
  • Thoroughly inspect your tires for any holes or tears. These should be repaired before placing your bike in storage. Make sure you tires area fully inflated as well. In order to have your bike remain in pristine condition during its time in storage you will want to make sure the tires stay inflated throughout its duration in the storage unit. The best way to do this is by hanging your bike off the ground. This will relieve any pressure put on the bike tire and keep it from warping if the tire does in fact go flat. 
  • Avoiding Rust
  • Storing a bike for a long period time does come with the potential hazard of rust. To fight against rust build up make sure your bike is clean and dry before placing it in storage. When in the storage unit you may cover your bike to protect it from any outside moisture. Keeping it up off the floor is another added measure to ensure your bike will be protected from any unexpected spills or water damage. 
  • Inspect
  • Take the time to inspect all parts of your bike. You can do this when cleaning and preparing your bike for storage. You will want to make sure the bike is in working condition before you place it into storage. This includes doing some of the routine maintenance on it such as lubricating the chain and inflating the tires. Having your bike go into storage in pristine shape will help it to be ready and available for use when you can take it out and put it to use again. 
  • By purchasing a Self-Storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Detroit you can rest easy during the long winter months knowing that your items are being secured and out of harm’s way. To get more information on how our storage units can help you in all of your storage needs please call one of our customer service representatives today. 
  • It would be so nice if everyone had living spaces that were perfectly sized. I know I’d love more space in my kitchen, for example, and wouldn’t say no to a bathroom that was larger than a moderately sized box. Unfortunately, most of us probably don’t have that luxury. In fact, almost everyone I know has either lived or is currently living in a space that’s way too small for their needs. Sometimes the budget just doesn’t match our lifestyle needs, and concessions have to be made. That doesn’t mean you should be miserable, though! At 1st Choice Storage, we understand how frustrating living in a small space can be. Take a look at our tips to help minimize the stress! 
  • Designate Your Space
  • One of the first tips is to create defined areas of living space. This might seem like a difficult task, but in reality it can be easier than it sounds. Consider using area rugs, for example, to help you transition from a living room to a dining room. The rugs will help you define those areas without the need for bulky dividers or actual walls. You can also use strategically placed furniture to help keep different living areas separate.
  • Be Versatile 
  • What happens if your space is too small for even the above tip? I’ve lived in spaces where there wasn’t room for separate living areas, no matter how small the rugs. In these instances, my living room often doubled as the dining room and office. This is especially true in studio apartments or dorm rooms, which are notoriously tiny. In order to help make the most of the space you do have, consider investing in furniture that has more than one use! Consider a table that converts into a desk or even a bench, for example, which can help you transform a space from dining to work in a few short minutes! 
  • Make Smart Use of Storage
  • When you’re living in a small space, you don’t really have the luxury of investing in big, stand alone pieces of furniture. Instead, you should be selecting items that have hidden storage in them – and that goes for your couch, your ottoman, or your desk. You need that sleek storage to help keep your space tidy and give the illusion of space. 
  • Are you living in a tiny space? I hope the above information helps! If you find yourself with more items than you know what to do with, make sure to take a look at Waveland storage options and judiciously downsize the items that you keep in your apartment. 
  • Moving is a stressful time – no one know would argue that. Cramming what seems like your entire life into a truck and then dealing with the pleasure of unloading it at your new place is daunting at best, and and completely overwhelming at worst. This holds true whether you’ve hired movers or opt to do all of the packing and moving on your own. In either case, there are certain packing tips that can help make the experience a more pleasant one that is less prone to unfortunate spills or label confusion. Keep reading for 1st Choice Storage’s favorite packing tips!
  • Label, Label, Label!
  • Let me paint a picture for you: you’ve finally moved all of the boxes into your new home, and the moving van is back with its company. You’re exhausted and just want to put as much away as possible before passing out in a corner – unfortunately, all of your boxes are jumbled together in the dining room, and you have no idea which boxes should go where. Now you have the luxury of opening up these boxes, identifying their contents, and then dragging them to the correct room of the house. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were set down in the right place to begin with?
  • This is what labeling can help you avoid. Pick your favorite sharpie and clearly mark – at the very least – which room of the house the box should go. It’s even better if you have the time to mark what items are contained within, but it’s okay if you can’t spare it. Make sure to market both the top and the side of the box so that people don’t have to strain to find the label while lugging it around!
  • Heavy First
  • The last thing you want to do is create a mess of boxes that are top heavy and falling all over the place. That’s a great way to break some of your favorite items! Instead, make sure that you’re packing heavy stuff on the bottom of the boxes, with lighter things on top. This helps create a more balanced box that is less prone to shifting.
  • Keep Breakables Together
  • Wrap your breakable items together. Not only does this help you get everything to the right room (if all of the cups are wrapped together, for example, it will be easy to ensure they all make it to the kitchen), but it also helps avoid any tragic crashes that leave you with a lot of class to clean up. Make sure to use plenty of padding, and place dishes on their sides, not flat.
  • Are you on the move? Miami storage can help! 1st Choice Storage is a great choice for storage both during, before, and after a move. 
28 Dec

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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  • Moving can be a stressful and hectic time.What most don’t realize is they are making several moving mistakes that are actually making the experience harder. At 1st Choice Storage in Beaumont we pride ourselves on making our customers happy. We can provide you with the perfect storage unit to help take the load off when moving. We have also provided you with some moving mistakes to avoid in your next move. 
  • Not Planning Ahead
  • Moving takes preparation. There are a lot of hidden aspects and necessities that need to happen when moving from place to place. You will need to plan out each aspect of your move. Things to think about before moving day include: renting a truck, hiring movers, change of address, setting up utilities, and organized packing. Not planning out your move can add a huge amount of unwanted stress. 
  • Not Shopping Around
  • If you do choose to hire a moving company to assist you in your move, it is wise to do some research and shop around. Moving companies will all charge different rates. Not shopping around could result in you not getting the best deal in town. It is also worth reading customer reviews of each moving company. You are entrusting this company to move your valuables, you will want to make sure they are legitimate. 
  • Keeping Unnecessary Junk 
  • The biggest mistake most people make is not getting rid of the junk that has accumulated in your home before your move. Moving or storing your junk is not worth the time or money. It is always good to take the time before your move to get rid of anything you haven’t used or can’t see yourself using in the future. This way you can move into your new home without the unnecessary clutter. 
  • Over-Packing Boxes
  • You will make the move harder on yourself and everyone involved by over-packing your boxes. When moving or storing items, it is always best to stick with a similar sized box. This will help when loading the moving truck or stacking items in a storage unit. When packing heavy items, such as books, only fill up the box half way as to not but strain on the box or the person lifting it. 
  • Having a storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Beaumont can help ease some of the hassle of moving. We can provide the perfect storage unit to ease some of the burden of moving those items you just don’t have space for. Our secure facility will ensure the safety of your items for as long as you wish to store them there. For more information on our units and the sizes we offer please call us today. 

  • There are many ways to save cash when packing your items away to place inside a storage unit. You can consider these ways, decide if they provide you with the right insight, and then save some cash. This is something that you do not want to spend all day and night on, and it is something that you want to make sure you get done. By using these packing tips, you can, not only save yourself some money in the process, but you can also save yourself some time, which are two things you cannot afford to lose this day and age.
  • Tips for Packing Smarter
    • 1.    Use blankets, sweaters, towels and other soft items to pack up any of the breakable items such as dishes and glasses. Packing peanuts and paper can become expensive, so skip needing to have that and go with something you already have. This also helps to pack these softer items away, as well.
    • 2.    Garbage bags, instead of boxes, work wonders when youre moving. Use them for items that are not breakable, and not going to tear through the bag. This will allow you to have much more flexibility with what you can put inside the boxes that you do have.
    • 3.    Grab the boxes from nearby stores or recycling bins. You can also look online, since many times, free boxes are just being given away to those in need. You do not want to spend a thousand or so dollars just on these boxes youre going to recycle anyway.
    • 4.    Make sure to go through all of your items ahead of time. If you can weed through the items you no longer use or need, that will cut down the amount of items you need to pack up and move with you. This can be a money and a space saver.
    • 5.    Make sure that you have a budget for the moving that youre doing. You do not want to go over this amount, since moving can become expensive between buying the food you need, and any extras along the way. Using the tips above, along with your budget can keep you on track to saving cash.

1st Choice Storage can provide affordable storage solutions that youre in need of. Through the use of the many units, you can choose the exact size that you need, pack up the unit and feel more confident than ever about being able to keep your items safely tucked away with a company you can trust until you come back to get them again


  • The weather is starting to cool down and now is the ideal time to take care of some major garage organization before it gets too chilly out. 1st Choice Storage even provides storage units in Gulfport for residents who just don’t have enough room for everything they’ve been storing in their garage. Once you free up some room, here are some other tips that will help make organizing your garage a breeze.
  • Mount Your Tool Boxes

    Tool boxes are big and they take up a lot of valuable space. Why not have your tool box mounted to a wall to free up some of that precious room on the floor? You can also mount several smaller toolboxes higher up to make room for a tool bench or other chairs and furniture in your garage.
  • Use an Overhead Rack

    If your garage has ceiling space, put it to use. You can have an overhead rack installed up above and still have plenty of room for your vehicles. Once the rack is installed you can use it to store all kinds of equipment. Longer items such as kayaks, ladders, snowboards, and the like all take up a lot of room but are perfect for storing up above.
  • Spice Containers For Nails

    Did you know that spice containers are the perfect containers for things like nuts, bolts, and nails? Buy a set of spice containers, label them and then put all of your small pieces in them. You can even find spice containers that you can mount up on a wall which makes finding those smaller pieces even easier.
  • Trace Your Tools

    Losing tools can be entirely too easy. Keep track of them by hanging them up on a wall and tracing outlines of each tool. This way, you’ll have no trouble seeing what’s missing when you go to grab a tool. This also makes storing your tools easier because you’ll have a dedicated spot for each item.
  • Labeled Bins

    Have lots of odds and ends in your garage that seem to never have a place? Why not purchase some bins and label them for these belongings? For example: if you have lots of toys in your garage, store them and label them by type. You can have a bin for all of your balls, a bin summer toys, and so on. If you have lots of seasonal items, consider storing them in storage units in Gulfport for the time being.
  • We hope these tips help you organize your garage this fall, If you have any storage questions or need a storage unit for fall, please give us a call! 


10 Feb

Storing your Television

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  • Whether you are moving and need a place to keep your television safe or you have upgraded your television set, you will need to know how to properly store your television. Our facility at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland can provide you with the space, safety, and security for all the items you store in one of our units. We want to ensure your television stays in pristine quality so we have providing some steps you should take when preparing your television for storage.
  • Keep the Box
  • It is always best to store any electronics, including your television, in the box it originally came in. These boxes are specifically designed to keep your television safe during transit and storage. If you have already discarded the original box you still have options. By purchasing a box the appropriate size and the necessary packing material you can still protect your television. Double wrap you television in bubble wrap and fill up any empty spaces left in the box with packing peanuts.
  • Clean Thoroughly
  • To keep your television in pristine shape you will want to clean it thoroughly. Remove as much dust and grime as you can from the surface of the television. Dust can tend to cause damage to the mechanics of the television if it has sat for an extended amount of time without being cleaned. Use a light cleaning product and soft rag to remove what you can. Don’t forget to clean the cables that coordinate with your television as well.
  • Placement
  • How you place your television in storage matters as well. After you have securely wrapped the television in bubble wrap and placed it in its box, you need to make sure you do not place it on its back. Stand the box upright and in an area it will not be susceptible to falls.
  • Label
  • Before placing your television in storage make sure you label your box adequately. Label all sides so you can easily recognize it is a fragile television and you take the proper precautions during transit. Don’t forget to include all wiring and cables with your television.
  • At 1st Choice Storage in Waveland you can have peace of mind knowing that your items will be safe and secure in one of our storage units. Call us today to find the perfect storage unit at the right price for you. 
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