• The summer months are fast approaching which means warmer weather and the ability to enjoy the outdoors without our heavy winter clothing and accessories. Now is the time to go through your wardrobe and pack up your winter clothing for storage at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland. Don’t leave you winter clothing in your closet taking up valuable space. Instead, you can use the tips listed below to help you store your winter clothing properly.
  • Clean your Clothing
  • When it comes to the basics of storing anything you will need to clean it thoroughly. This goes for clothing as well. Run all of your winter clothing through the wash to get rid of any dirt, debris, or food particles. By cleaning all garments, you will make sure stains won't cause oxidation, which leads to yellowing, and bacteria, which can create holes. Make sure your clothes are completely dry before placing them in bags or storage bins to prevent the buildup of mildew.
  • Never Use Plastic Bags
  • You will want to avoid throwing all of your clothing in a plastic garbage bag or dry cleaners back. This will do more harm than good. Over time the plastic bag can trap moisture and it causes the fibers in your garment to deteriorate and yellow. You will want to invest in cotton garment bags instead.
  • Line your Storage Bins
  • Instead of having your clothes smell like your storage unit when it comes time to get them again, you will want to take measures to make sure your clothes smell fresh and clean. You can line your storage bins with drawer liners packed with lavender or eucalyptus. You could even use a few dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling like they just came out of the dryer.
  • Prepping your Accessories
  • When it comes to storing your winter clothing you can’t forget about your various winter accessories as well. For boots, wipe them down before storing and insert boot trees to keep their shape intact. For scarves, gloves, and beanies, keep them altogether in a box.
  • Storing your winter clothes in a storage unit at 1st Choice Storage in Waveland is easy when you follow the tips listed above. For more storage tips make sure you check out our website or give us a call today.
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