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Storage 101

Benefits Of Renting A Storage Unit

While the main benefit for both business and household self-storage solutions is extra space, there are many other benefits of renting a storage unit that may surprise you.


Arguably the most common reason why people look into or rent a storage unit is because it gives them the extra space they desperately need. Over the years, homes and businesses can easily become cluttered with unused furniture and other valuables that just take up space. By renting a storage unit near you, you can free up your business or living space, make it more presentable to customers and guests, and give you more space for the things you really need.


Not only does organization play a vital role in the functionality of your business or home, but it also offers many health benefits. From boosting your energy, helping you sleep at night, and reducing your stress, organization actually makes you happier. When you rent a local storage unit, you give yourself the perfect opportunity to go through your items and organize your space.


By renting from a secure storage unit near you, you can rest assured that your items are protected with enhanced security. With security features, such as lighting and gate systems, perimeter fencing, 24-hour video surveillance, and more, you can rent confidently knowing your stored belongings are secure — perhaps even more secure than an office building or home.


Often times, when businesses or households reach their maximum storage capacity, people are forced to resort to storing their personal belongings in less than desirable places, such as an outside shed, garage, or damp crawl spaces and basements. In doing so, you put your belongings at risk for water, mold, and other types of damage. When you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, however, your items are protected from the cold, heat, and other weather elements.


While the main reason for renting a storage unit is to safely store your belongings, many storage unit facilities also offer additional amenities such as on-site fax and photocopy, boxes and moving supplies, online reservations and payments, freight elevators, and more to help make your life easier.

& More

Overall, renting a storage unit just makes your life easier — providing you with a plethora of advantages and benefits.

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